Why we think personalisation can be better…

We at Imagefactory.io think personalisation can be better.

Alex Hammond

3 min read

A flat graphic of your name overlaid onto a stock image or video sequence is not going to engage the audience for long. Yes the video might be culturally or geographically relevant and your personal data might be shown too, but we think the connection can be deeper.

We want to start a story with your audience at the center, embed them into your brand or appeal to them on a 1:1 basis and we do that by creating personalised images that just look like photos.

If the audience, even for 1 second thinks that the image they are looking at is a photo (with their name on it) - There will be giant leaps in engagement, CTR and brand awareness. Isn’t that just photoshopped?

Well, yes and no.

We don’t use photoshop but the effects can be similar. However our software can generate 1000’s of photoshop quality personalised images in seconds - without anyone having to copy/paste a 1000+ times.

But Photoshop is fundamentally a 2D photo editing tool, extremely powerful for novice and professional alike. We work in the 3rd Dimension. Depth-of-Field, 3D light-effects, perspective and lens distortion are all baked into the process. Displacement, bump maps, reflection and refraction might not be everyday terms to everyone, but these can all play a role in making an image look and feel real - and that is our goal. The 3D software environment gives access to an almost unlimited toolkit to create real looking or surreal images. We can put your name on a billboard, but also create your name in dripping slime letters if you want that too!

Whatever the end goal a single Imagefactory template can use any number of tricks to make a really real compelling personalised visual that.