Super-charge your
click-through rates

Our images can boost your click-through rates by an average of 88%.
Our next-generation, personalised marketing tools will engage your email campaign audience like never before.

Per image

Targetted images
that will delight your customers

In the blink of an eye, you can send an email with an on-brand relevant visual, personalised to the reader.

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Make 10 or
10,000 images

Connect your Mailchimp account and automate the creation of 1000s of personalised images.

Once Imagefactory creates your images, you can seamlessly merge them into your Mailchimp email campaign template or automate them into your welcome emails.

You have three seconds to
grab their attention.

You have a small window of opportunity to persuade a reader to click through to your business. So surprise your audience. Pull them into your world. Give them a personalised image.

You have 3 seconds to

What results could you expect?

Imagefactory has measured an average 88% increase in click-through rates when an email campaign featured an Imagefactory personalised image.

Increase in click-throughs

How does
it work?

  1. Select a template from our template library, or request a custom design from us.
  2. Link your Mailchimp account, select your audience list and create one image per person.
  3. Once the images are created, select your Mailchimp template, merge in the personalised images and send!

1 Create your theme

Select one of our free templates, or create a bespoke one. A bespoke design can assure the template is a pure reflection of your brand or marketing campaign. We create these with you, and will work, where appropriate, with your existing 2D/3D design team.

2 Process your database into images

Select your template from your free account. Once connected to Mailchimp, you can pick which audience list you'd like to process into personalised images.

3 Merge and send

When Imagefactory has created an image for every person in your Mailchimp audience list, you can select your Mailchimp email template, add in the Imagefactory image component and click send!

Almost Off Grid

“This is the cleverest email I have ever received.”

Andy Toogood


See real-world examples of successful email campaigns that used Imagefactory's personalised visuals.

Case Study


Futurepump wanted their audience to aspire to becoming a profitable, self-sufficient farmers. So they used Imagefactory to give their customers a glimpse into their future.

Result: a 162% increase in the campaign click through rate. Nov 1, 2020

Case Study

Fen Farm Dairy

Fen Farm Dairy wanted to pull their customers into an autumnal cheeseboard moment. So they used Imagefactory to engrave their personalised marketing message into the cheeseboard itself.

Result: a 226% increase in the campaign click through rate. Nov 15, 2020

Case Study

Flint Vineyard

Flint Vineyard wanted to launch a case of wine designed to guide their customers through Christmas Day, complete with festive food pairing suggestions and tasting notes. So they used Imagefactory to give festive bottles a personal touch.

Result: a 20% increase in the campaign click through rate. Nov 20, 2020

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