How much does it cost

The most accurate way to calculate costs is with a tailored quote. Below is some guidance on how it works.

Creation of the template

We create customized templates exclusively for you, incorporating your imagery, branding, fonts, and colors. These templates serve as an extension of your brand. We enjoy collaborating with your in-house teams, but we are also happy to provide creative suggestions ourselves.

Simple static image templates are the most affordable, starting at £250. More complex static image templates and video templates are priced higher.

Generating images

We take your database of contacts and apply it to your template. The chosen personalised elements are then used to create one image or video per contact.

The time required to generate an image or video will depend on its complexity. Static images offer the best value, while larger and more complex images are more expensive. Video costs are calculated based on factors such as complexity, length, and pixel size.

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