Alex Hammond

3 min read

Embed dynamic images for a Keap (InfusionSoft) campaign

How to embed and merge personalized images created by into your Keap campaign

We are presuming you have already followed Steps 1 & 2 before this. If not you may need to rewind a little.

1 - Once logged into your Keap account, view your Keap CONTACTS select CUSTOM FIELDS to view the new field created by in this example our field is called 'imagefactory'

2 - To view an image, select any contact within the list you used for, click on ADDITIONAL INFO and click the unique link

3 - Within COMMS, create a new email broastcast or load up a template.

4 - Select or drag in an image component and paste the following into the image URL box


IMPORTANT! - The last word must correspond with the column name you provided in In our case this is the word imagefactory all in lower case.

6 - To check the placement of the image within the email, click Preview at the top right or send a test email to a single email.

PLEASE NOTE - A test email recipient must have a personalized image generated for a test to work.

7 - Once the rest of your campaign is designed and setup, you are ready to send.