Alex Hammond

4 min read

Generate personalised images using a .csv file

How to generate personalised images any email provider using a .csv file of your contact database

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We are still building direct integrations with many of the mail email providers that you might use. If you use Klaviyo or Mailchimp, these are the user-guides. If you don't, then you can still use by using a .csv file of your contact database. This can be downloaded from your email provider, processed through and then re-uploaded back to your email provider. Each contact in your database will have a unique personalized .jpeg stored in a new column within your .csv file. Finally, using the appropriate code snippets, these images can be merged into your next email campaign.

How to bulk process using a .csv file

  • Login to your account
  • On the top menu select Upload List
  • Click the blue, NEW JOB button
  • You will be asked to upload your .csv file. will check it and if in the correct format, you'll be able to click the NEXT button
  • Select the template you wish to use from the free library. (Custom templates will appear below) - Click NEXT
  • If required type in the prefix or suffix boxes, not forgetting to add spaces where necessary. Use the drop-down menu to choose which personalized element should be used. (firstname, second names etc)
  • Click the Generate button to check your template, prefix, suffix and personalization are correct. (This will use the first contact in your Klaviyo list as a test)
  • Once happy, click NEXT
  • Name the new column. This will be where the personalized images will located within you Klaviyo audience database.
  • Check and confirm before clicking CONFIRM - this will begin the process and deduct credit accordingly. is now processing your images

  • Once the progress bar hits 100% you can download your new updated .csv file, which will included all the personalised image URLs in the new column.

You are now ready to re-upload the .csv file and merge in the personalized images ready for your next campaign. Please check with your email supplier for support with upload the .csv file, and merging the images into your email layout.