Alex Hammond

4 min read

Embed dynamic images for Klaviyo campaign

How to embed and merge personalized images created by into your Klaviyo campaign

We are presuming you have already followed Steps 1 & 2 before this. If not you may need to rewind a little.

We are also presuming you have a good understanding of creating and sending campaigns with Klaviyo

1 - Open up the Audience and then Profiles from the main Klaviyo menu.

2 - Select the first person in your list for which you have generated images for in the previous step of these guides. In the Custom Properties tab copy the name here circled in red, you'll need this in the next step. In our case it is IMAGEFACTORY

3 - In the create and design an email section, add in an image block to your email layout.

4 - Click Browse Image Library

5 - Within the Dynamic Image section type the following {{ person.YOURTAG }} for our demo we replace YOURTAG with IMAGEFACTORY. {{ person.IMAGEFACTORY }} and click save

6 - The personalized images won't appear yet, so click on PREVIEW & TEST

7 - Select SEARCH FOR A PROFILE - to preview the emails that a specific audience member would see. We pick the first name from our demo list and the personalized image for that person appears in the preview window.

8 - Once the rest of your campaign is designed and setup, you are ready to send your test emails. Remember, sending a test email to an email address that isn't in the contact list used with will result in a blank image!