Alex Hammond

4 min read

Embed dynamic images for Mailchimp campaign

How to embed and merge personalized images created by into your Mailchimp campaign

We are presuming you have already followed Steps 1 & 2 before this. If not you may need to rewind a little.

1 - Once logged into your Mailchimp account, view your Mailchimp Audience select TOGGLE COLUMNS and tick to view the new column you created through the interface - in this example we called our column IMAGEFACTORY

2 - You will now see thumbnails of all the personalalized images within your Audience List view

3 - Within the 'build an email' campaign section of Mailchimp, we need to merge in our new images. Using a standard text box component, open up the MERGE TAG dropdown menu and select the name of the new column, in our case IMAGEFACTORY

4 - This will drop in a MERGE TAG, in our case |MMERGE7| - It is this that will drop in the correct personalized image into the correct email.

5 - Click the <> button and paste in this code <img src="*|HERE|*" style="width:100%" /> - You'll need to edit it, pasting in your specific MERGE TAG over the top of the word 'HERE' The final text should look similar to this

<img src="*|MMERGE7|*" style="width:100%" />

6 - To check the placement of the image within the email, click Preview 1 at the top right

6 - Click the Enable live merge tag info button, this will preview the correct image. Scroll through the 'To' field to view the different images corresponding to the different email recipients.

7 - Once the rest of your campaign is designed and setup, you are ready to send.