Alex Hammond

4 min read

Generate images for Mailchimp campaign

How to generate personalised images for your Mailchimp email campaign

1 - Login to your account - here

(We presume that you have already connected your & Mailchimp accounts. If not, please set these up first.)

2 - On the top menu select Mailchimp List

3 - Click the blue, NEW JOB button

4 - You will be presented with your existing email lists from within your Mailchimp account. Select the one you wish to generate images for

5 - Select the template you wish to use from the free library. (Custom templates will appear too if you have them) - Click NEXT

6 - If required type in the prefix or suffix boxes, not forgetting to add spaces where necessary. Use the drop-down menu to choose which personalized element should be used. (firstname, second names etc)

7 - Click the Generate button to check your template, prefix, suffix and personalization are correct. (This will use the first contact in your Mailchimp list as a test)

8 - Once happy, click NEXT

9 - Name the new column. This will be where the personalized images will located within you Mailchimp audience database. Remember this as you'll need it in later steps.

10 - Check the summary before clicking the CONFIRM button - this will begin the process and deduct credit accordingly. is now processing your images

11 - Once the progress bar hits 100% you can login to your Mailchimp account and see the generated images. You may not immediately see the new column within your Mailchimp Audience list - see this guide for further support with using Mailchimp &